Bookworm Zodiac Signs: Determine Your Reading Genre  

Aries: The ram of the zodiac is a fan of action and adventure stories. Aries bookworms are fascinated by the fast-paced novels with daring heroes who are taking bold risks.

Taurus: The practical, security-loving Taurus likes to read books that teach useful skills or give profound wisdom that can improve their lives.

They are the ones who like to read self-help guides about personal growth, health and wellness. 

Gemini: The Geminis are born with a natural curiosity, quick minds and short attention spans, which makes them the perfect bookworms. 

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Cancer: Reading is a snug and warm comfort activity for the caring Cancer bookworm.

They are crazy about family dramas and romantic sagas, where they can deeply feel the characters' emotional experiences and journeys and relate to them.

Leo: The lion of the zodiac is attracted to the stories of heroes with Leo's qualities, like charisma, courage, and leadership.

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