Coins That Commemorate sporting Legend

their status as legal tender, these coins hold a cherished place in the hearts of both numismatists and sports aficionados. 

the following compilation, we spotlight five such coins, each venerating a distinct sporting luminary and recounting the narratives they embody. 

Crafted by the Perth Mint of Australia, the Michael Jordan Silver Coin stands as a tribute to one of basketball’s most iconic figures. 

Fashioned from pure silver, this coin captures Jordan in his element, suspended mid-air, poised for one of his legendary slam dunks. 

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with a montage of his career highlights and emblazoned with his famous mantra, “I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. 

But I can’t accept not trying,” this coin not only celebrates Jordan’s athletic prowess but also his unyielding spirit of determination and commitment. 

Brazil Mint In honor of Pele, the undisputed king of football, Brazil’s Mint released a series of coins commemorating the 2014 FIFA World Cup. 

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