Examining zodiac signs via the tastes of tea  

Aries: Fiery Masala Chai Dynamic and daring, Aries craves the tea that ignites flames in their senses. 

A classic masala chai with hint of spicy ginger embodies the fuel of passion and excitement, a brew as spirited as Aries.

Taurus: Luxurious Earl Grey The exquisite blend of comfort and sophistication, Earl Grey – a fusion of bergamot and black tea.

Gemini: Zesty Citrus Green Tea Vivacious and charming, Gemini deserves the sip of heaven that resonates with their dynamic temperament.

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An infusion green tea leaves and tangy citrus notes is the perfect blend that reflects Gemini’s lively nature.

Cancer: Comforting Chamomile The soothing aroma of Chamomile embodies the emotional support Cancer individuals provide.

Leo: Regal Rooibos A magical brew, Rooibos – with its rich earthy texture and robust flavor embodied the regal presence of Leo.

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