How to use your star sign to design your house

Aries As Aries people are ruled by the planet Mars, their strongest traits of confidence, determination, and power should be reflected in their home.

Your color palette should include strong, fiery colors, such as oranges and yellows. Bold, deep reds, and pinks are also a good option.

Gemini Ever curious and changeable, Geminis need vibrancy and energy at home.

Bright tones of lime green, orange, and canary yellow are recommended for keeping your interiors fun and funky.

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In addition to bold colors, big patterns, such as '60s-inspired prints, give any room a lively feel.

Cancer Loyal, imaginative, and persuasive, those born under Cancer seek interiors that are balanced and calm.

Tranquility at home comes from hushed pastel tones, such as pinks, blues, and whites, as well as hints of silver.

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