Meet Gemini, the gregarious butterfly of the Zodiac: Characteristics of the sign  

An air sign, Geminis aren't afraid of change and will gladly – and easily – dish on a variety of topics.

Represented by twins, the sign is deeply independent, yet also in search of a lifelong partner.

If there's one to remember about Geminis, it's that they love to talk. "Geminis are in constant communication," Caves says. 

Caves calls the Gemini "a Goldilocks sign." "It doesn't like extremes really," he explains. 

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Geminis' versatility allows them to fit into most people's shoes in the workplace.

In particular, Caves says Geminis make great journalists and consultants. The ever-changing nature of these jobs helps keep their curiosity alive, he explains.

Gemini compatibility Since Gemini is symbolized by twins, it shouldn't come as a shock that the sign is great in a pair.

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