Personality type: Your lips' form reveals your personality  

If You Have Thin Lips If you identify as an intellectual, introverted, and reserved person, chances are you also have thin lips.

This characteristic is often associated with self-sufficiency and comfort in solitude.

However, you may also feel increased internal pressure due to your deep reflection on negative perceptions others may have of you.

While you might be introverted and shy, you likely relish your solitary time. Remember that you possess a skill set that many people admire.

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If You Have Full Lips If your lips are full, your personality traits suggest that you are affectionate, caring, and nurturing.

You are a passionate and optimistic individual who prioritizes the needs of others over your own, sometimes to a fault. 

You may exude confidence and self-assuredness and can be unwavering in your opinions. Maintain this attitude but avoid becoming obstinate.

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