The Worst Cat Breeds for Each of the Zodiac Signs  

Saying all cat breeds are the same would be like saying a teacup poodle is the same as a French bulldog.

Aries: Sphynx Cat Aries folks aren't mean, but they are straightforward and painfully blunt. For this reason, the sweet and sensitive Sphynx cat isn't an ideal match.

Taurus: Cornish Rex Taurus is an earth sign, and they tend to clash with airy Aquarius. Taurus is all about stability and comfortown for their intellectual curiosity and versatility.

Gemini: Bombay Geminis are explorers at heart, always changing and entertaining new ideas. Scorpios, however, value consistency and loyalty above novelty.

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Cancer: Bengal What are Cancer signs great at? Being emotive, intuitive and nurturing. Being an adventurous go-getter isn't really their speed, 

Leo: Birman Leos are known for being confident, attention-loving and ambitious to a fault. 

They're intense and mysterious, and they prefer to share their secretive souls with a trusted human they can rely on.

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