These are the personality traits shown by your nails.

Yes, you read that right! Your nail shape helps people determine your characteristics too.

Square Square-shaped nails are often associated with practicality and a no-nonsense attitude. People with square nails are typically perceived as reliable and down-to-earth.

Oval Oval-shaped nails are seen as feminine and elegant. Individuals with oval nails are often considered artistic, refined, and sophisticated.

Round Round-shaped nails are associated with people who are friendly, approachable, and easygoing.

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Almond Almond-shaped nails are generally linked to creativity and a strong sense of aesthetics. 

Stiletto/Pointed Stiletto or pointed nails convey a bold and edgy personality. Individuals with this nail shape are often seen as confident, daring, and fashion-forward.

Squoval Squoval-shaped nails combine square and oval shapes. This shape is associated with practicality, balance, and a sense of style.

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