Tuesday, May 22, Love Horoscope For Every Zodiac Sign

Aries Be transparent, Aries. The Sun prepares to leave Taurus to enter Gemini, so its time to share what you want most from a relationship. 

Consider writing these things down for yourself, then schedule a date night to talk about them with your partner. Ask them to do the same.

Taurus You've grown. During this month of a Sun in your sign, you've learned much about who you are in love.

Gemini You may reconnect with an ex. The last day of the Sun in Taurus can bring much-needed closure to your love life. 

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This may be a time when you're able to resolve a conflict that holds you back from moving on to find new love. 

Cancer The foundation of love can be strengthened when it's rooted in friendship. 

Today, you may recognize some romantic tensions between you and a person you've viewed platonicly. 

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