What your zodiac sign indicates about the motorcycle you should ride  

Capricorn Honda Grom The practical and determined nature of the Capricorn makes this motorbike a perfect fit, as it is endurant and highly user-friendly.

Aquarius Zero Dual Sport Electric The serious and insightful nature of the Aquarius makes an electric and environmentally friendly motorbike an obvious choice.

Pisces Honda Ruckus Also known as the Honda Zoomer, this motorbike is perfect for the reactive and imaginative people who are Pisces.

Aries KTM RC8 Aries are active, determined, and ambitious, which is why this high performance motorbike is a perfect match for them!

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Taurus Yamaha V Star Cruiser This bike is both solid and dependable, which fits well with Taurus, as they are patient, strong, and appreciative.

Gemini Aprilia Caponord 1200 Geminis are both intelligent and inquisitive, which is why this versatile dual sport motorbike is a great choice for them!

heightened sensitivity means that even small things can move them deeply, leading to tears of both joy and sorrow. 

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