Your Zodiac Sign Tells Us Which Summer Cocktail You Are  

Aries Known for their competitive streak, it's fitting that Aries are the first sign on the zodiac calendar because they prefer to be first everywhere else, too. 

Taurus Signs next to each other on the zodiac calendar are very different,and nothing is a clearer example of that than the Taurus and the Aries.

Gemini Geminis are controversial within the zodiac community and outside it. 

Represented by twins, these signs have the unfortunate reputation of having multiple personalities. Whether that's true or not is up for debate. 

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Cancer Born in June and July, Cancers are the first true summer zodiac signs -- so it's only right that they'd be a summer cocktail.

Leo While Cancers might be the first summer babies of the zodiac, Leos take the summertime crown. 

Born from late July to August, Leo season occurs in that last bit of summer -- the time when the FOMO hits and everyone realizes they need to make the most of what's left.

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