Zodiac Signs Who Avoid Overthinking Their Breakup  

Some star signs find that a breakup triggers a cascade of emotions in their hearts, ranging from anger and sadness to confusion or self-doubt.

Gemini Geminis tend to be straightforward and action-oriented souls. They prefer dealing with things head-on rather than dwelling upon them

as they are innately inclined toward self-preservation. So, when faced with emotional distress, these air signs like to shield themselves from further pain.

Aquarius Aquarians are quite committed in their relationships. So when someone terminates their bond of love, these Water-bearers can be deeply hurt. 

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Hence, they try to shift their focus away from emotional turmoil by engaging in various hobbies and striking up conversations with old friends.

Pisces Pisces have a natural optimism and a love for freedom that helps them see the conclusion of a relationship as an opportunity for emotional growth. 

Libra Libras are known for their rationality and innate sense of self-reliance. They may be keen on understanding what caused the breakup if their mate broke things off.

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